Project Say Cheese

SAY CHEESE is an initiative started by Dr Tanvi and Shamit Thaper, to promote healthy living and good oral hygiene among the underprivileged and the working class. At its root, our mission is both medical and moral. It is based on solidarity, rather than charity alone. We focus not only on educating and helping the poor section of our society, but also acknowledge the hard work of the working class and help them in our small ways. Our success lies in giving them a healthy SMILE !


We distributed mouth masks and toothpastes to the workers at the Ram Niwas Bagh underground parking. They work long hours in the basement with over 1000 cars! It’s a small way to help them reduce exposure to smoke! We also taught them brushing technique and other oral hygiene practices. This was a small gesture from our side to promote healthy living. SAY CHEESE !


We distributed toothpastes to wokers at different construction sites in Jaipur. We also taught them brushing technique and oral hygiene practices. It was a small gesture to bring about a healthy change in people who help build our dream houses! SMILE AND SAY CHEESE !


On World Environment Day we planted saplings in our garden and also distributed plants in the suburbs of Jaipur city! We encouraged people to promote a green environment. Lets all take small steps towards making this planet healthier and happier ! SAY CHEESE !


SAY CHEESE ! This time for our Say cheese project we visited the local vegetable fruit market. We spoke to the vendors about their oral hygiene practices and the answers were shocking ! You will be surprise to know that about 90% do not own a tooth brush! We educated them about healthy oral hygiene and anti tobacco counselling. We also distributed toothbrushes and pastes. This was a small effort from our side to promote a healthy living ☺️ lets all work together to spread awareness and health education ! SAY CHEESE!


Since this is the best season to start planting flowering plants, we decided to make this convenient for everyone! On behalf of our Project Say Cheese we are distributing seeds at our new clinic at B 45 Sahkar Marg.. [next to the old clinic]… Please take out time for this small gesture towards promoting a healthier and greener environment!


Taking my project SAY CHEESE to the next level ☺️ we conducted a dental education lecture at Jagriti Balika Sadhan School with the help of NGO Sahyog. It was so delightful to see these girls from underprivileged backgrounds coming up and interacting with confidence. Credit goes to the hard work and dedication of the teachers.